Announcements, news, requests and other stuff
Your OpenELEC system is always up to date? Be up to date too!
Moderators: lrusak
55 Topics 2723 Replies
by seo
4 hours 5 minutes ago
We need your help! Please look here what you can do for us.
Moderators: lrusak
1 Topics 1 Replies
by xe
2 years 8 months ago
Installation related support. Please use the subcategories if the talk is related to any of these categories.
Update OpenELEC(1194/3958)
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
3170 Topics 13.1k Replies
Last Post: Internet Connection
by Dorothy
35 minutes ago
Supportforum for special systems
Apple ATV (mk1)(383/2069)
Raspberry Pi(2201/11947)
Moderators: lrusak
2665 Topics 14.3k Replies
by javaboyuk
1 hour 53 minutes ago
For advanced miscellaneous support. If you can't fit your thread anywhere else, put it here.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
1302 Topics 6093 Replies
by jordanm21
5 minutes ago
3rd party stuff without official support from us
Moderators: lrusak
348 Topics 3853 Replies
by Pienoet
6 hours 21 minutes ago
OpenELEC Add-ons related support.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
855 Topics 5950 Replies
by lsellens
4 minutes ago
XBMC related support. This means, how to setup advanced features in XBMC.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
939 Topics 3253 Replies
Last Post: Kodi Nightlies?
by klojum
59 minutes ago
PVR and LiveTV related support. Please use the subcategories for the appropriate transmission.
DVB-C support(52/399)
DVB-T/T2 support(125/544)
DVB-S/S2 support(158/1755)
IPTV support(40/180)
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
885 Topics 5712 Replies
by bigbaz
57 minutes ago
Input device related support. Here you can discuss how to customize your devices keymap and so on.
Moderators: turbomettwurst, lrusak
957 Topics 4149 Replies
by manii
4 hours 3 minutes ago
Network related support. Please use the subcategories if the talk is related to any of these categories.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
1125 Topics 5433 Replies
Last Post: Airplay problems
by Kaar
2 hours 3 minutes ago
Audio related support. This means, how to customize asound.conf and similar.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
1070 Topics 5918 Replies
by xi_Slick_ix
7 hours 1 minute ago
Video decoder related support. All things related to Video hardware decoding. Please post in the right subforums.
VAAPI (Intel)(54/601)
VDPAU (Nvidia)(64/342)
XVBA (AMD)(73/667)
Moderators: lrusak
301 Topics 1975 Replies
by jordanm21
3 hours 1 minute ago
Display related support. This means, how to customize resolutions, change color range etc.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
608 Topics 2963 Replies
by chewitt
1 day 8 hours ago
Storage related support. This means, harddrives, usb sticks and sd cards.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
399 Topics 1689 Replies
by cep1984
13 hours 13 minutes ago
General discussion about (but no support/help/feature requests)
Please, do not post support/help questions or requests here!
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
352 Topics 3031 Replies
Last Post: Zotac Zbox Pico
by douglas
2 weeks 4 days ago
Please share your artwork contribution with the rest of the OpenELEC community.This could be a new splash to skins etc.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
17 Topics 85 Replies
Last Post: Splashscreens
by fraser68
2 months 3 weeks ago
Tips, Tricks, and HOW-TOs for (read-only forum).
Users can request their threads/posts to be moved here.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
87 Topics 2056 Replies
by Hypfer
1 week 1 day ago
Create stories about cool things you can do within OpenELEC and XBMC.
Or about your setup.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
56 Topics 262 Replies
by klojum
2 weeks 1 day ago
Post in here if you spot any issues or problems with this forum or our website.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
91 Topics 330 Replies
by lrusak
3 weeks 2 days ago
If you hardware is not included in the guides or if the hardware guides are incorrect, please post here with any additions or corrections you may have
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
199 Topics 1215 Replies
Last Post: Zotac ZBOX CI320
by odoll
9 hours 51 minutes ago

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