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Your OpenELEC system is always up to date? Be up to date too!
Moderators: lrusak
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by popcornmix
23 hours ago
We need your help! Please look here what you can do for us.
Moderators: lrusak
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by xe
2 years 10 months ago
Installation related support. Please use the subcategories if the talk is related to any of these categories.
Update OpenELEC(1306/4332)
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
3370 Topics 14k Replies
by Kooshi
4 hours 28 minutes ago
Supportforum for special systems
Apple ATV (mk1)(386/2088)
Raspberry Pi(2345/12589)
SolidRun Cubox-i(151/569)
WeTek Play(5/20)
Moderators: lrusak
2887 Topics 15.3k Replies
by mark-aus-51
7 hours 22 minutes ago
For advanced miscellaneous support. If you can't fit your thread anywhere else, put it here.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
1392 Topics 6424 Replies
Last Post: Adding libraries
by nickr
47 minutes ago
3rd party stuff without official support from us
Moderators: lrusak
361 Topics 4155 Replies
by noceevo
0 minutes ago
OpenELEC Add-ons related support.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
933 Topics 6459 Replies
Last Post: Install SABNZBd
by carlsberg
17 hours 30 minutes ago
XBMC related support. This means, how to setup advanced features in XBMC.
Video management(260/605)
MySQL Setup(49/450)
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
992 Topics 3427 Replies
Last Post: full settings reset
by furnibird
16 hours 43 minutes ago
PVR and LiveTV related support. Please use the subcategories for the appropriate transmission.
DVB-C support(58/472)
DVB-T/T2 support(134/580)
DVB-S/S2 support(166/1951)
IPTV support(44/185)
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
949 Topics 6196 Replies
by CvH
20 minutes ago
Input device related support. Here you can discuss how to customize your devices keymap and so on.
Moderators: turbomettwurst, lrusak
1016 Topics 4364 Replies
by worldlybedouin
38 minutes ago
Network related support. Please use the subcategories if the talk is related to any of these categories.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
1204 Topics 5746 Replies
by seo
8 hours 47 minutes ago
Audio related support. This means, how to customize asound.conf and similar.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
1109 Topics 6074 Replies
by Prcx
13 hours 34 minutes ago
Video decoder related support. All things related to Video hardware decoding. Please post in the right subforums.
VAAPI (Intel)(57/616)
VDPAU (Nvidia)(66/349)
XVBA (AMD)(78/718)
Moderators: lrusak
320 Topics 2074 Replies
by Schoofsaeggl
2 hours 4 minutes ago
Display related support. This means, how to customize resolutions, change color range etc.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
640 Topics 3054 Replies
by ajam
10 hours 55 minutes ago
Storage related support. This means, harddrives, usb sticks and sd cards.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
423 Topics 1749 Replies
by tower41000
17 hours 40 minutes ago
General discussion about (but no support/help/feature requests)
Please, do not post support/help questions or requests here!
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
355 Topics 3047 Replies
Last Post: Utorrent
by akiaki
2 weeks 5 days ago
Please share your artwork contribution with the rest of the OpenELEC community.This could be a new splash to skins etc.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
17 Topics 86 Replies
Last Post: Splashscreens
by zorangr
1 month 3 weeks ago
Tips, Tricks, and HOW-TOs for (read-only forum).
Users can request their threads/posts to be moved here.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
88 Topics 2077 Replies
by johnodon
3 days 6 hours ago
Create stories about cool things you can do within OpenELEC and XBMC.
Or about your setup.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
56 Topics 267 Replies
by bragg2012
3 weeks 6 days ago
Post in here if you spot any issues or problems with this forum or our website.
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
98 Topics 356 Replies
Last Post: Hello Admins
by Zpiroz
1 week 2 days ago
If you hardware is not included in the guides or if the hardware guides are incorrect, please post here with any additions or corrections you may have
Moderators: MikeBuzz, , turbomettwurst, lrusak
205 Topics 1288 Replies
by doctor77
3 days 10 hours ago
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