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Today 08:35


I did'nt manage to add the attachements...
I paste the files here instead:
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lircd.conf: [edit]
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Today 08:26


I have tried to blast using 5.0.3 and 5.0.5 without success. My problem is that the blasted data ist very corrupted.
I have tried to followed the guides above. I can see the waveform of the output pin using an oscilloscope and the output is very different from the expected.

The output pin is connected to a BC337 via a 220OHm resistor (also tried a 2700OHm)

I use a Hauppauge_350 remote to control the KODI/OpenELEC with great success so the lircd.conf is correct as far as I can tell. If I send a...
Category: Infared Remotes
Today 02:23


Thank you for the response. I tried changing it to subsystems and rebooted the box. It still doesn't load irexec. :(

OpenELEC:~ # udevadm test /dev/input/event2
calling: test
version 217
This program is for debugging only, it does not run any program
specified by a RUN key. It may show incorrect results, because
some values may be different, or not available at a simulation run.

load module index
timestamp of '/usr/lib/systemd/network' changed
Parsed configuration file...
Category: Miscellaneous
Yesterday 22:36


I'm starting to go crazy here.
I switched to a Pi2 and OpenElec 5.02 a few weeks ago, after using a Pi B with raspbmc for the past year. The main problem remained somehow the same. On both systems I had problems to boot properly and I really don't understand what causes these problems, especially as they are different systems.

A few minutes ago I had to reboot Kodi, so I did right that via the quit menu. I gut stuck on the boot screen, once again. Last message was
'Starting Kodi clean...
Category: Raspberry Pi
Yesterday 22:08


I'm sorry, I think I forgot the '-a'...

OpenELEC:~/.config/udev.rules.d # udevadm info -q all -a /dev/input/event2

Udevadm info starts with the device specified by the devpath and then
walks up the chain of parent devices. It prints for every device
found, all possible attributes in the udev rules key format.
A rule to match, can be composed by the attributes of the device
and the attributes from one single parent device.

looking at device...
Category: Miscellaneous
04 Mar 2015 22:34


according to the first link i gave above you can just edit the config.txt file directly on the sd card through your computer. So if thats the case just find the config.txt file when the sd card shows up on your pc and just edit the file and a new line with this dtoverlay=lirc-rpi

then save the file and put the sd card back in the pi
Category: Update OpenELEC
04 Mar 2015 22:07


follow here and here

regarding updating the config.txt file, all you should need to do is add dtoverlay=lirc-rpi (shouldnt need to mess about with any lirc setting if the remote is one of those small toshiba remotes).
Category: Update OpenELEC
04 Mar 2015 20:40


Hi all,

I have setup LIRC for remote delivered with TBS card. In irw I see input setted, I have proper keymaps and so on...

Output from IRW:
0000000000ff817e 00 KEY_UP remote
0000000000ff817e 00 KEY_UP remote
0000000000ff817e 00 KEY_UP remote
0000000000ff817e 00 KEY_UP remote
0000000000ff817e 00 KEY_UP remote
0000000000ff817e 00 KEY_UP remote
0000000000ff817e 00 KEY_UP remote
0000000000ff11ee 00 KEY_DOWN remote
0000000000ff11ee 00 KEY_DOWN remote
0000000000ff11ee 00 KEY_DOWN remote...
Category: Miscellaneous
04 Mar 2015 20:19



I'm using for a while Openelec (4.X.X) with a GPIO Remote on the pin 18.
I have made a fresh install of Openelec 5.0.4 (and now 5.0.5) as suggested.
I have the same hardware as before.
With Openelec 5, the remote works for 1-2 min and then it doesn't response.
I add to the config.txt the line "dtoverlay=lirc-rpi" but it doesn't work better.
In the past, with Openelec 4.2, we have to add a file for modprobe :...
Category: Raspberry Pi
03 Mar 2015 20:47


Thanks for the information! Below is my paste from the command:

P: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.1/usb3/3-2/3-2:1.0/rc/rc0/input5/event2
N: input/event2
S: input/by-id/usb-Topseed_Technology_Corp._eHome_Infrared_Transceiver_TS000JLO-event-if00
S: input/by-path/pci-0000:00:1d.1-usb-0:2:1.0-event
E: DEVLINKS=/dev/input/by-id/usb-Topseed_Technology_Corp._eHome_Infrared_Transceiver_TS000JLO-event-if00 /dev/input/by-path/pci-0000:00:1d.1-usb-0:2:1.0-event
E: DEVNAME=/dev/input/event2
Category: Miscellaneous
03 Mar 2015 13:06


So playing with this a bit more...

Renicing the 'eventlircd' and 'lircd' processes to -20 had no obvious effect (maybe there's others to try?).

Forcing the CPU to run overclocked by setting 'echo 1000000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-3]/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq' for each core seemed to help a bit, but many remote commands were still missed. This also caused the CPU temp to ramp up, so I wasn't comfortable leaving it set this way.

Experimenting with the remote itself, the RPi2/OpenELEC was more...
Category: Raspberry Pi
03 Mar 2015 10:55


Keysersose12 wrote:
Gpio ir remote is unusable for me if kodi is busy unfortunately, missing keypresses etc.

I'm seeing much the same thing. If I'm simply moving through the GUI everything is just fine. However, if I start up a video it all goes south, and using the remote is pretty much impossible. Running the 'irw' command in the CLI I can see that the RPi2 is simply not registering the remote's commands. Keyboard control works just fine while playing a video. The unit doesn't appear to be under any appreciable...
Category: Raspberry Pi
02 Mar 2015 22:02


Thnx for your quick response!!!

Here is my lircd.conf (in /storage/.config/)
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]
Category: Infared Remotes
02 Mar 2015 20:22


I'm using rpi1 and remote on gpio in (defaut) pin 18.
I had made a new install with openelec 5.0.5 and the remote works for a few minutes and then it stops working.
If i do a reboot, it doesn't working' i have to shutdown the rpi and then power on.
I added the line "dtoverlay=lirc-rpi" and it doesn't solved the problem.
I don't know how to solve this :-/
With openelec 4 i have to add the line about modprobe, but we have not to with openelec 5 :...
Category: Raspberry Pi
02 Mar 2015 10:55


This is the LCDd.conf, modified with worpad, transfered with filezilla

# LCDd.conf -- configuration file for the LCDproc server daemon LCDd
# This file contains the configuration for the LCDd server.
# The format is ini-file-like. It is divided into sections that start at
# markers that look like [section]. Comments are all line-based comments,
# and are lines that start with '#' or ';'.
# The server has a 'central' section named [server]. For the menu there is
# a section called [menu]. Further each driver has...
Category: Raspberry Pi
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