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03 Oct 2016 10:52
No, not really, i was looking for something that worked, so i used the <keyboard> section.
But it should work without lircevent, as this guy explained.
Category: Infrared Remotes
21 Sep 2016 09:13
hey there,

i want to control a volume potentiometer. my raspberry gets his infrared signals via lirc and i would like to put on 1 gpio pin an active high, when i receive a lirc command and set the pin low, if there is no signal. so, when i press volume up on my remote, my raspberry gets a lirc signal and sets the pin to high. so if i press volume down, another lirc signal is receiving and another pin is set to high. if nothing is pressed and the pins are low.

is it possible to do?

Category: Raspberry Pi
15 Sep 2016 05:34
:ohmy: :ohmy:
I have been trying everything to get my old Xbox XboxDVDDongle remote control working. It used to work great using an older version of openELEC and Kodi version 15.2, but since I have been experimenting with OSMC, and now going back to openELEC which I favor, I just can not get it to work.
I have checked all posts in the forum and tried many things!

Please help!! :huh:

I have 3 files: inside folder: /storage/.config/
lirc_xbox.ko inside folder: /storage/...
Category: Infrared Remotes
26 Aug 2016 22:16
After installing some sketchy addons I was forced to hard reset my system. Now, I have two problems that don't seem to be addressed anywhere:

1) Flirc doesn't work anymore. I know it works because I could reprogram the remote, and the batteries are new.

2) When I watch video, that little square with the rainbow appears in the top right hand corner and I don't' know how to turn it off.

I am running the latest stable openelec, kodi 16 and FLirc 3.8 on a raspberry pi 3.

EDIT: The rainbow box...
Category: Usage
26 Aug 2016 01:23
Any progress? Are developers aware of this problem?
I would like to have ability override ALL /etc/ files in .config/ (after all it's my system), but back to the topic - overriding eventlircd config files really needed
Category: Infrared Remotes
01 Aug 2016 05:17
Hi all,

I have just updated my RPI with Openelec 5.0.8 to 6.0.3, and my remote control (they worked perfectly before) has stopped working.
I have found some link about getting a remote control to work with Openelec, but none of them helped me.

I have...
Category: Infrared Remotes
26 Jul 2016 13:23
zomboided wrote:
If the connection breaks during plugin streaming, then the video stops and the user can restart the stream again, at which point, if the openvpn process has gone away, it'll reconnect. It also checks every hour that it's connected too in case openvpn has crashed. IPTV streaming is different because the plugin doesn't recognise what you're doing (due to boring reasons) so there are no hooks to ensure the connection is good still.

No, I'm not talking about losing the IPTV stream, I'm talking...
22 Jul 2016 16:33
I found but I don't understand this.
I also found no lircd.conf
Category: Infrared Remotes
06 Jul 2016 12:59
Fixed it. Looks like one of the little finger connectors wasn't seated all the way. Working fine now.
Category: Usage
06 Jul 2016 00:20
I'm running the latest version of openelec, and I am attempting to get the mediapi case working with it. So far I have not had any luck. I added the following to my config:


When I run dmesg I get something:
dmesg | grep lirc_rpi
[ 4.475934] lirc_rpi: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
[ 5.373966] lirc_rpi: auto-detected active low receiver on GPIO pin 18
[ 5.374253] lirc_rpi lirc_rpi: lirc_dev: driver lirc_rpi registered at minor = 0
[ 5.374264] lirc_rpi: driver...
Category: Usage
20 Jun 2016 14:30
I have read the thread and gone through the pages listed there, but it's still confusing to me. I have looked in my Lircmap.xml and remote.xml files (I've not made any changes yet) and frankly, I'm confused as to what to add where. For example, is AudioNextLanguage a specific command? Does it go into the Lircmap.xml file under a specific key binding and then do I edit the remote.xml file to refer to what's in the Lircmap.xml file? I'm confused as to how these files work together to...
Category: Video management
16 Jun 2016 13:59
I have an old pc with an amd athlon tricore processor and a 6970 gpu
Id like to use it to run Openelec exclusively
Id just like to know the following
Will LIRC work on this.
Will all the hardware I have function? (gpu, cpu, motherboard hardware components (wifi, ethernet, etc) or will I need drivers?
What codecs are available for openelec in this setup?

Thank you
Category: Installation
14 Jun 2016 08:15

I want to upgrade my RPi 2 with Hifiberry Digi+ (currently on OE 6.95.3). Before I buy it I want to be sure if I will be able to control volume from KODI as I’m doing it now (HDMI sound). I’m sure there is a lot of users of Hifiberry here so I hope somebody will be able to confirm or deny. :):)

Additionally I’m using GPIO LIRC but from I’ve read all I need to do is to change GPIO pin for LIRC.
Category: Raspberry Pi
28 May 2016 10:47
thanks Gerald.

No it's not running.

here's the whole output.

1 root 0:05 /usr/lib/systemd/systemd
2 root 0:00 [kthreadd]
3 root 0:00 [ksoftirqd/0]
5 root 0:00 [kworker/0:0H]
6 root 0:00 [kworker/u4:0]
7 root 0:00 [migration/0]
8 root 0:00 [rcu_bh]
9 root 0:00 [rcu_sched]
10 root 0:01 [migration/1]
11 root 0:00 [ksoftirqd/1]
13 root 0:00 [kworker/1:0H]
14 root 0:00 [khelper]
15 root 0:00 [kdevtmpfs]
23 root 0:00 [suspend]
103 root 0:00 [kthread_hdmi]
508 root 0:00 [writeback]
511 root 0:00 [bioset]
512 root 0:00 [crypto]
514 root 0:00 [kblockd]
Category: DVB-S/S2 support
27 May 2016 19:38

My hair is getting thin while Ive been trying to get the IR remote to work. Gotten so far that #irw output follows lircd.conf.

My issues after that:
1) No reaction whatsoever in kodi
2) wont execute needed commands for lircd.

All help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!
Im aware that the Lircmap and keymap are not fully matched yet, been trying to get atleast left/right working.

begin remote

  name 		Hauppauge
  bits           16
Category: Infrared Remotes
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