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Yesterday 13:58
Many thanks for the walkthrough...

I now have OpenELEC 5.08 running quite happily with my Onkyo remote

Andy B.
Category: Infared Remotes
01 May 2015 19:20
- OpenElec 5.0.8
- Intel Core i5 (Haswell) using integrated GPU
- using the integrated tvheadend service and client
- DVB-C (Sundtek USB stick)
- USB IR receiver

Live TV is working fine most of the time.
But as soon as I use timeshift (pause, ff/rew) the issues start to appear.
Pausing and resuming mostly is fine and usually works for a couple of hours. Fast forward and rewind on the other hand causes problems in 99% of all cases:

The TV stream freezes, the GUI becomes unresponsive.
I can no...
Category: PVR + Live TV
30 Apr 2015 20:29
So when u connect ur wiimote a module called hid-wiimote is run to help handle button input data from the wiimote.
the data is then emulated as a lirc device and creates lirc events.

The wiimote button presses get stuck in this lirc stack.

if u do "systemctl stop eventlircd". it shuts down the lirc event daemon

u can start it up again when ur done with "systemctl start eventlircd" and add this into ur retroarch.sh theoretically

This is confirmed working for me on OE 5.0.8 x64 generic using...
Category: Bluetooth Remotes
30 Apr 2015 18:24
Hey guys. Attempting to connect a real Wiimote "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" to chemstar's dolphin version. Here is what i've found out so far.

OpenElec uses BlueZ 5.27
Dolphin V4.0.5991

Dolphin guys are saying dont connect,pair the Wiimote to OE (Delete all previous connections). Just have the BT Adapter powered on
I've tried this but dolphin seems to be having trouble linking to the BT Adapter (I am using an Asus BT400)

The Wiimote works perfectly fine in Kodi doing a stanard turn on...
Category: Addons
29 Apr 2015 18:58

Check out this tutorial... I got OpenElec + RPi2 + Harmony Remote to work. Sounds like the same set up you have

With :
The IR sensor installed
"config.txt", dtoverlay =lirc-rpi
and this tutorial
I was all set

No need to mess with key-tables, etc....
The result was a nice full set of assignments for controlling OpenElec/Kobi

Category: Infared Remotes
24 Apr 2015 09:50
This is a "strange" issue i am having 5-6 days now..My setup:

Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH with Kingston KVR16LS11/4 (4 GB) Ram. In usb ports (back) i have attached:

1) Flirc controller (flirc.tv/)
2) TRANSCEND TS8GJF780 JETFLASH 780 8GB USB3.0 FLASH DRIVE BLACK (with OE 5.0.8 latest version).

I never had this problem but this "strange" one started when i ONLY did 2 things (and nothing else: havent touched my setup, havent removed anything):

1) Updated bios from 041 to 050
2) Updated...
Category: Suspend and wakeup
21 Apr 2015 10:13

I try to get the remote of my TBS 6982 DVB-S2 card working with OE 5.0.8, with no success so far. I followed instructions found in different threads, but nothing works.

Here are the main steps I did so far:

I installed OE and than "updated" to the "CrazyCat" image from here to get the required TBS drivers. (I also tried the "TBS" image, but with the same results.)

The DVB card is recognized and I can watch tv with tvheadend, but the remote is not working.

The driver seams to be...
Category: Infared Remotes
21 Apr 2015 08:17
Hi. I have tried everything I have been able to find on this site and others and try to come up with a solution to my problem but nothing seems to work with the current release of the software. The best attempt was to put a lircd.conf in place but in every attempt it broken my remote function altogether. I was able to get my xbox one controller to work without the repeat issue. However, I would like to figure out how to get the original xbox 360 media remote to work properly (without massive...
Category: Infared Remotes
17 Apr 2015 12:40
FWIW I went with www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003ZV3J72?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 which is detected upon plugging in, and seems to be interpreted as some sort of Human Input Device (keyboard+mouse) rather than via LIRC. Almost all buttons work doing the most logical Kodi action.
Category: Infared Remotes
16 Apr 2015 17:47
Today I found some time to work again at my LCD and I found that the addon lcdproc was installed but not abilitated....that was the problem.....
Now all is working perfectly!

I've another question if u can help me, how can I connect now a ir receiver? the gpio port is occupated by the lcd...
I've a tsop38238 connected to gpio17(pin1), grd(pin2) and 5v(pin3)
I start lircd with "modprobe lirc_rpi gpio_pin=11" and doesn't work....
Category: Raspberry Pi
14 Apr 2015 18:28

I have installed Kodi on a Raspberry.
I am using irmplircd.
It is basically working but I am trying to configure a button to start live-Tv, but no success.
What I have tried:

/storage/irmplircd -u -t /storage/irmp.map -d /run/lirc/lircd /dev/hidraw0

#Medion MD 41169 (Code: 851 for DVD Code:200 for TV)
#026917001300 KEY_1
026917001300 KEY_TV
026917001000 KEY_2
026917001100 KEY_3
026917000f00 KEY_4
026917000c00 KEY_5
Category: Installation
10 Apr 2015 09:01
Hey all.

I have a Logitech Harmony 1100 and a RPI 2 with OE.

I have tryed to use a Lenovo IR revicer but it was like OE didnt have the driver for it (everything worked with Kodi on pc)

FLIRC is way to expensive.

Can somebody share a working solution?

I cant use CEC. We use our phones now,

Regards Daniel and thanks
Category: Miscellaneous
09 Apr 2015 22:43
Hi all.

Problem description:

In the menus and when playing SD movies, the remote works fine. However, when playing HD movies, the reaction to remote signals is rather slow, however still sufficient. When using any jump forward/back command (like "StepForward" or "BigStepForward"), it afterwards takes several seconds until I can send another IR command. The duration of the "no reaction to IR signals" depends on the bitrate of the movie - the higher, the longer it takes. If I use "FastForward",...
Category: Infared Remotes
09 Apr 2015 13:59
Well, in my case, it turned out that the big problem was that one of the early measures I took was 2nd guessing the wisdom of giving the remote name w/out quotes in lircd.conf. Once I removed those, a lot of things started working again, but not right away. I still had to wrestle w/the labyrinth that is Lircmap.xml, remote.xml and Keyboard.xml.
Category: Infared Remotes
09 Apr 2015 11:43

I have a imon 15c2 ffdc reciever and I've got my remote to work properly in both OE 3.2.x and OE 5.0.8. I also had problem with double presses for some buttons. Those problem went away when I installed and enabled "imon-mce" service in XBMC/Kodi.

I'm not using a MCE remote, I'm using the same remote as in your picture or my Harmony remote which I found a imon profile for.

All I have done in OE to get my reciever to work properly for me is to add this service and edited Lircmap.xml to my...
Category: Infared Remotes
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