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Yesterday 21:58


Hi, I am converting from a FLIRC based remote to a standard CIR / MCE setup, and I would like info on what the standard MCE mappings do, e.g. red button = ?.

I use URC MX-890 remotes, and I used to use FLIRC's programmed to my own liking.
Problem is the FLIRC's are very sensitive to electrical noise, and every night at 10pm when my outside lights dim for the night my FLIRC's go crazy.
Since an Intel BIOS update to the NUC and the Linux kernel update, I can now use the native CIR on my NUC's....
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Yesterday 13:28


HI, need help!!

Raspberry PI B+ with OpenElec4.0.7 fresh install

I have a MCE RC118N remote. only 6 keys work: the 'OK' and the 4 around it, and the 'clear' key at the bottom of the remote that works as if its a 'back' all the way to the main screen.

some info about the remote:
# cat /proc/bus/input/devices
I: Bus=0003 Vendor=147a Product=e031 Version=0111
N: Name="Formosa21 IR603 HID MCE"
P: Phys=usb-bcm2708_usb-1.4/input0

I have tried to add 3 files since I cant edit the ones from...
Category: Infared Remotes
Yesterday 05:50


I'm getting exactly the same issue with a non-usb IR receiver.
I've got an IR receiver hooked directly up to the GPIO pins on my Pi. It used to work just fine, but now I usually have to reboot a few times for it to work.

So I don't think this is a USB issue so much as perhaps an lirc issue.
Category: Infared Remotes
16 Sep 2014 14:44


usul27 wrote:
@popcornmix: What is the issue with the ALSA driver in Linux 3.16?

All I'm aware of is that lirc-rpi needs blacklisting if you want to use an I2S audio device on a B+.
If there are other problems then you will have explain in detail what the issue is.
Category: Raspberry Pi
16 Sep 2014 05:02


I have a Microsoft MCE remote (1039) that is not working quite how I'd like. The only issue I am struggling with is that there are 2 buttons (OK and Enter) that show the same key press (KEY_OK) when I use irw. Previously, I was running Ubuntu + XBMC and these keys had distinct mappings.

I am pretty sure the solution is to edit lircd.conf, but this is part of the read only fs in OpenElec. I am struggling to find much info on this subject. I did find a post somewhere that suggested placing an...
Category: Infared Remotes
15 Sep 2014 14:28


Hi at all,

i have a Problem to get my HifiBerry DAC (not DAC+) working with the latest OpenElec version. Since OpenElec use kernel 16.3.x the Pi immediately freeze if i set the DAC as default audio output. When i blacklist ‘lirc_rpi’ the Pi wont freeze but i get no sound. The last build that work is this Version from Milhouse´s OpenElec build. This version use kernel 3.15.8. All other Version use kernel 16.3.x. The problem still exist with the last offical beta.

I described my Problem ...
Category: Raspberry Pi
13 Sep 2014 11:16


Squiz wrote:
I also have slow responses to remote control key presses, but when playing a video, on keys such as skip forward/backward (KEY_RIGHT/KEY LEFT).

The keys need to be held down for about a second for each video time skip, and often when trying to skip-forward ads on recorded TV shows, multiple skip presses are ignored.

It is sometimes slow to respond to pressing the Play key (KEY_PLAY) during fast-forwarding video. These problems make it difficult to control the play of video files.

Category: Raspberry Pi
11 Sep 2014 20:23



I've added the line into the file, and the message shows up in the log messages.
So the script is executed when powering off the system.
The problem seems to be that the network is already shut down while executing the shutdown script.
Sep 11 22:02:04 OpenELEC systemd-logind[207]: System is powering down.
Sep 11 22:02:04 OpenELEC systemd[1]: Stopping WPA supplicant...
Sep 11 22:02:04 OpenELEC wpa_supplicant[278]: Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
Sep 11 22:02:04...

Category: Miscellaneous
11 Sep 2014 10:33


OK, I figured out that I need this in my Lircmap.xml (really kind of guessing by looking through /usr/share/xbmc/system/Lircmap.xml):

I don't really understand why I need this in OpenELEC but not RaspBMC...I also needed to map my numeric keys differently. For example (on OE):

Instead of (on RaspBMC):

If anyone has a way of explaining this that makes more sense than the documentation, I'd love to hear it.

Category: Infared Remotes
11 Sep 2014 10:20



I've just switched from running RaspBMC on my pi to OpenELEC (4.1.6). Things have been working so much better, but there's one thing that has stopped working for me. My "Home" button on my universal remote no longer works. And it doesn't work from a standard MCE remote either.

Running irw and pressing either button I see:
66 0 KEY_HOME devinput
66 0 KEY_HOME_UP devinput
I don't understand why OE isn't picking this up? I figured I could add my own mapping to Lircmap.xml, but have been...
Category: Infared Remotes
10 Sep 2014 15:08


Hi all

I have a Raspberry Pi with the Openelec 4.1.6 beta on it. I also have a Hifiberry Digi attached. Music is on a NAS.
I was trying to follow the instructions to edit the etc/modules file to add in the code needed for the Hifiberry as shown on this page:

However, the "modules" files doesn't exist in the etc/ directory. I checked by running "ls" in the etc/ directory. (See below)

So I looked up how to operate "VI" and...
Category: Raspberry Pi
10 Sep 2014 11:46


just been at it with som efresh energy. it turns out that openelec is not using lirc but eventlirc.
I have come to the point where I was able to disable eventlirc and use lirc with my remote: @hugo, maybe that is also for you a possibility as lirc has more options etc.
problem now is that although lirc is working, I have double key-presses and can't overcome that problem: so reverted back to eventlirc.

I hope it is possible to configure channels in lirc as eventlirc does not have that...
Category: Infared Remotes
09 Sep 2014 18:47


Can you try creating a file
blacklist lirc_rpi
Category: Raspberry Pi
09 Sep 2014 15:53


Someone from HifiBerry thinks that this issue is linked with the LIRC :

Over here, as soon as I select Hifiberry Digi+ as the audio output, the raspberry freezes. I don't have enough time to play anything or click anywhere.

Category: Raspberry Pi
09 Sep 2014 14:40


I did a ton of research on how the ati remote works. Its an x10 device and i believe lirc is not involved because the remote wonder mimics a keyboard and mouse. The driver being used for the remote wonder is a x10 driver called ati_remote. It works with the remote wonder 1 and sorta works with the 2. The 3 uses a different communication method and this is why an update is needed to the driver. I'm not a linux guru or I would have this fixed for myself and probably know exactly how to fix your...
Category: Infared Remotes
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