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Today 05:36


Ok thanx . I have yatse. Is there a ir botton I can use ? I have my harmany set up with flirc.

Edit.. I tried yatse and it shutdowns but not power off ? Puts system to sleep and can only get it back on with reset.
Category: XBMC
Yesterday 04:19


I personally use a flirc with a logitech harmony 750, it works great.

If you don't want to use a flirc you may be able to get an mce ir reciver and use the mce profile on a harmony remote
Category: Usage
Yesterday 04:12


Hi ,

I would like a remote controller for my Raspberry pi B+ without the Air Mouse or a keyboard , i found some works with IR Receiver in GPIO but it's not gonna work for me ... i already have Fan Installed in Pins ! ( and im not interested with flirc ) .

What you got guys ! can work with Raspberry pi B+ with Openelec version 4.2.1 ?

i'm thinking about this remote !

Category: Usage
25 Jan 2015 14:29


I got my CuBoxTV yesterday and today I will send it back to shop I bought (fortunately in my home country).

The major issue of that device is the incredibly bad IR receiver. The maximum range is maybe 4-5 m and then you have to point rather directly to the IR receiver. During playback, the maximum range drops down to 2-2.5 m, so I have to stand up from the couch to pause the movie - really a flashback to the early 80s when we had a Betamax VCR without remote. I never experienced such behavior...
Category: SolidRun Cubox-i
22 Jan 2015 22:15


Does anybody using the TeVii S662 with Openelec? I have the OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-5.0.0-CrazyCat-1.6 installed, and tuner seems to be correctly recognized by system, but is not displayed in tvheadend TV Adapters. Is there something else what I have to do in tvheadend to display my tuner?

Thank you.

OpenELEC:~ # lsusb
Bus 002 Device 004: ID 1997:0409
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 058f:6332 Alcor Micro Corp. Multi-Function Card Reader
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate...
Category: DVB-S/S2 support
22 Jan 2015 15:25


OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-5.0.0-lirc-0.9.2.tar (no lirc patches! - only original lirc source)
22 Jan 2015 15:02


is what a nice person I could compile a version of OpenELEC Generic.x86_64-5.0.0 with lirc-0.9.2 drivers for my remote zotac please. I tried but I did not succeed.

thank you in advance
20 Jan 2015 12:17


i run openelec compiled from git-master on an Intel i386 with i915 from the generic build. every couple of days i sync, recompile and install the update (via .tar-file). it has worked perfectly up to the beginning of this month: since then i only get a black screen with a cursor.
i have already tried deleting the userdata and .kodi-dirs - the problem persists in the same way. i have set the correct video-ouput and screen-settings via xrandr and this diod not change anything, either.
i have...
Category: Display
20 Jan 2015 08:49


Thank You, MediaPi, for all your help. :)

Your last examples allowed me to figure out where I was going wrong, and have now been able to get both analogseeks to work, and also SmallStepBack to work!

It seems that the problem was the format/syntax in the Lircmap.xml file.

With extra keys to give close to 10 minutes forward and back, the Up and Down keys set to 3 minutes forward and back, the Back key set to 10 seconds back, plus now knowing about entering by the number keys to jump...
Category: Raspberry Pi
19 Jan 2015 15:52


im surprised you got your remote working without lircmap and remote.xml. I'll give you an exmaple and you wll be able to do it then.
once you configured irrecord the system created a lircd.conf file in storage/config
say the button you mapped that you want to take advantage of, you named
then you create a lircmap and it should contain
	<remote device="devinput">
lircmap basically tells what the button you...
Category: Raspberry Pi
19 Jan 2015 07:11


MediaPi wrote:
when creating a mapping using irrecord, did you not create lircmap.xml and remote.xml?
this <keyname>analogseekback</keyname> is referring to something related to remote.xml
No, irrecord created lircd.conf.
I created remote.xml from your post. It contains:

I created lircmap.xml from this post:...
Category: Raspberry Pi
18 Jan 2015 19:25


Yes the issues was to low -D . darn i have used many hours before i thought about adjusting those.

ok so i thought the -D flag is the time it takes before a continualy pressed key is repeated. Example. with a -D 500 --> press a button and its repated after 500ms ? good for volumes and stuff like that.

what is the actual time consumed for a send and recive of a IR code? i think it takes around 100ms before a complete IR code is transmitted and recived, that way you wount sett the -P lower then...
Category: Usage
18 Jan 2015 15:28


when creating a mapping using irrecord, did you not create lircmap.xml and remote.xml?
this <keyname>analogseekback</keyname> is referring to something related to remote.xml
analogseekback is the action similar to an action of play, so its a command. and keyname is what you called your keys in lircmap.

you wrong on your last statement " but not a skip time relative to the current play time of a video. "
yes if you press three zero zero and then ENTER it goes to 3 minute of video BUT if you...
Category: Raspberry Pi
18 Jan 2015 13:03


Ah, I remember I had some issues with the NEC protocol, too, when setting a too small delay.
When I set a delay <45ms the system stopped receiving any IR codes.
But this is logical somehow, because every protocol needs it's time for an IR code-word, which shouldn't be too low of course.
Additionally -D as "delay" is a little bit misleading, because the value actually isn't a delay between two complete IR codes, but the timing distance between two IR code starts.
Category: Usage
18 Jan 2015 00:17


Ok this was unexpected; i finaly solved this issues, problem was the timing -D -P was set to low.
Category: Usage
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