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Today 20:36
here is what i get in telnet
/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-4/1-4:1.0/rc/rc0$ ir-keytable -v
Found device /sys/class/rc/rc0/
Input sysfs node is /sys/class/rc/rc0/input15/
Event sysfs node is /sys/class/rc/rc0/input15/event12/
Parsing uevent /sys/class/rc/rc0/input15/event12/uevent
/sys/class/rc/rc0/input15/event12/uevent uevent MAJOR=13
/sys/class/rc/rc0/input15/event12/uevent uevent MINOR=76
/sys/class/rc/rc0/input15/event12/uevent uevent DEVNAME=input/event12

Category: Infared Remotes
06 Feb 2016 12:18
Hi all,

I am hoping someone out there can help me, I have OpenELEC v6, Kodi v15.
Whether I use pre-made remote lircd.conf files or create my own using the "irrecord" method, I can not get this file to load and thereby use my corresponding IR protocol in the harmony remote.
Firstly I am using a GPIO and IR receiver, plus I already have a windows media PC using the MCE remote settings and would like Openelec to operate using a unique remote protocol loaded in the /storage/.config/lircd.conf....
Category: Infared Remotes
06 Feb 2016 12:11
DarrenHill wrote:

Will look into the RPI. GPIO - is that back visible in the unofficial repo now in 6.0.1?

I think it's still missing together with LIRC package. I'm also waiting for the fix in order to start recording the remote codes and to send these recorded ones to projector :)
Category: Raspberry Pi
06 Feb 2016 08:37
I run openelec on a generic htpc. Nothing out of the ordinary such as raspberry pi or anything. My blood is boiling having tried EVERYTHING to figure out how to remap a few keys on my remote. I purchase this one for the simple front, but a few of the keys work incorrect. Everything I have read simply just does not point to enough information. There is just not clear enough directions for a beginner to do it right. I even tried flirc and I think I am learning flirc...
Category: Infared Remotes
05 Feb 2016 08:48
That's the one.
I just tried NOOP on my pi (ortek remote) and it worked fine.
All I can suggest is to paste up your remote.xml, lircmap.xml and a debug log - to show they're being picked up.

Edit: Hang on - you're missing a '/' on global in your remote.xml.
Category: Infared Remotes
05 Feb 2016 02:31
ijourneaux wrote:
I would like to prevent my OpenElec system from reacting to the the power button on the remote. I have tried editing Lircmap.xml and the remote.xml files but OpenElec still powers down when I press the power button.

Any way around ths?
The way I do it:
Revo using a harmony one mapped as an MCE SE with an RC6 receiver:
Remote.xml just has <power> re-mapped to a different function.
So I have (among many other things):
Category: Infared Remotes
05 Feb 2016 00:55
I would like to prevent my OpenElec system from reacting to the the power button on the remote. I have tried editing Lircmap.xml and the remote.xml files but OpenElec still powers down when I press the power button.

Any way around ths?
Category: Infared Remotes
03 Feb 2016 19:31
It seems it is the X-Server:
Mem: 1179036K used, 866832K free, 171520K shrd, 67632K buff, 584368K cached
CPU: 42.8% usr  1.0% sys  0.4% nic 55.4% idle  0.2% io  0.0% irq  0.0% sirq
Load average: 1.00 0.49 0.19 5/185 1034
  599   584 root     R     110m  5.5   0 40.2 /usr/bin/Xorg -nolisten tcp vt01 -s 0 -noreset -allowMouseOpenFail -config /etc/X11/xorg-nvidia.conf -ignoreABI
  696   678 root     S    1545m 77.3   1  2.6...

I have a nvidia...
30 Jan 2016 16:31
Squiz wrote:

It is the only one that works for me.
it words!
thanks a loooot!
Category: Raspberry Pi
28 Jan 2016 13:49

Thank you for your work.
I tried the addon and it doesnt work for me. When i launch the addon, nothing happens...
By ssh, i can see the addon is launched even if i get nothing on screen
  587   582 root     S    1537m154.9   0  4.7 /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin --standalone -fs --lircdev /run/lirc/lircd
  819   818 root     S     212m 21.3   1  0.0 /storage/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium/bin/chromium.bin...
Do you have any idea what could cause...
Category: Chromium Browser
25 Jan 2016 21:23
So as I researched about this thing, I think I should change something in lirc configuration like:

        button = volumeplus
        prog = .....Kodi??
        config = ???volume -1??
        repeat = 999999999999999999

:laugh: I have no idea what am I writing about.... :woohoo:

Can anyone help how to make it work?

My remote is:
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0755:2626 Aureal Semiconductor
Device Descriptor:
  bLength                18
  bDescriptorType         1...
Category: Infared Remotes
25 Jan 2016 07:11
lrusak wrote:
You are correct :( It's not showing up because addons of type "xbmc.python.module" will not show up in the addon browser. I have found the issue and will push a fix shortly.

Great to hear that! I think the same applies to LIRC repositories as I can't find it now.

BTW, I'm in the middle of building an automated mechanism that will be switching on the projector, moving down the screen and turning the amplifier on together with changingh the HDMI Out from TV set to the projector. And vice...
Category: Raspberry Pi
24 Jan 2016 10:30
Hi all,

meanwhile I built a system from OpenELEC git master:
WeTek OE Box, DVB-S/S2, OE 7.0-devel, Kodi 16.0, VDR VNSI Client 1.11.11, VDR PVR Backend 7.0.1
It shows the same behaviour. So the problem is still present, also with newer versions.

The sources of libamcodec seem to be up-to-date. The latest version from AMLogic (20.1.2015) has been merged by Codesnake into the git repository. And this seems to be equal to the package hosted by OpenELEC. (I say "seems" because I did compare only...
Category: VDR-Addon
24 Jan 2016 04:56
Simplest/cheapest solution for me is a Raspberry Pi 2 package. It doesn't have a remote/IR option, but it does have CEC support, if your TV has that. There is also smartphone support via the KoRe remote app. Or you could get a Flirc device as a remote thingy.

There is also the Wetek Core, without the TV tuners built-in.

Once you have it all fully set up, make a full backup or disk image of it to keep it safe for later problems.
Category: Installation
20 Jan 2016 13:14
Hello ozayturay,

Thanks for your feedback regarding the fact that it still works with OpenElec 6 stable. However, I can't make it work, I did exactly what you did (I guess :) ). Let me explain in detail below :

I have an RPi2 with a fresh install of OpenElec 6 stable, I used your zip file : and placed those files on the following location :
lircd.conf goes to /storage/.config/
Lircmap.xml goes to /storage/.xbmc/userdata/...
Category: Infared Remotes
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