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OpenELEC provides builds for many different types of hardware; please read below carefully to select the correct one. Builds are provided in two formats:

  1. Manual update files for existing installations (filename ends in .tar)
  2. USB installer diskimage files (filename ends in .img.gz)

Installer .img files are hard-disk images not CD-Rom (ISO) disc images. You cannot create bootable CDs from them.

If you are new to OpenELEC, check out the installation guide on the Wiki.

Builds are status tagged as follows:

  • [Stable] refers to the current supported stable release.
  • [Beta] refers to the current beta release; these may contains bugs and experimental features.
  • [Candidate] is a release candidate; we believe it contains no bugs.
  • [Legacy] refers to older stable releases.
  • [Unofficial] refers to a builds that are not provided or supported by the OpenELEC project staff.

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Generic Builds

Generic is a "catch-all" build for x86 (Intel/AMD) CPU systems. OpenELEC 6.0.1 releases are available in 64-bit (x86_64) formats only whilst legacy builds (v5.0.8 and earlier) are available as both 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (i386). Unless you have 32-bit hardware, use a 64-bit build (x86_64).

The nVidia driver in the OpenELEC 6.0 build does not support older nVidia GPU's including the popular ION (GeForce 9400m) card. If you have an nVidia GPU and see a message about unsupported GPU's after installing or updating to OpenELEC 6.0 please change to the Nvidia_Legacy build.

64-bit Builds

32-bit Builds (deprecated with OpenELEC 6.0)

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Nvidia_Legacy Builds

Nvidia_Legacy is a special build for 64-bit systems with nVidia GPU's that require the older 304.128 driver. For a complete list of the GPUs this build supports see

64-bit Builds

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WeTek Play Builds

These builds are based on the ARM architecture and run on the WeTek Play system only. Please see our Wiki for special installation instructions.

To install on SD-Card you MUST update WeTek's Android software to the latest OTA version first

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Raspberry Pi Builds

These builds are based on the ARM architecture and run on Raspberry Pi only. There are separate builds for first-generation (RPi) and second-generation (RPi2) boards. Please select the right one!

See our Wiki for special installation instructions.

If you're looking for a simple way to run OpenELEC Kodi, The Pi Hut offer high quality SanDisk Ultra Class 10 MicroSD cards that are pre-installed with the latest OpenELEC OS. Available here

Raspberry Pi First-Generation single-core models (Model A/B/B+ 256/512MB)

Raspberry Pi2 Second-Generation quad core models (Model B 1024MB)

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Freescale iMX6 Builds

The Freescale iMX6 build is for systems with Freescale iMX6 CPUs only. Currently all Solid-Run Cubox-i, CuboxTV, Hummingboard and the OSMC Vero (the white Cubox-i2w) devices are supported. Please see the Wiki for special installation instructions.

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AppleTV Builds (unofficial)

The mk1 (silver) AppleTV makes an excellent Kodi box when upgraded with a Broadcom CrystalHD card. Official builds for the AppleTV stop at OpenELEC 4.2.1 (XBMC Gotham) but an unofficial OpenELEC 6.0 (Kodi Isengard) build exists. For more information and installation instructions read here:

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AMLogic/MX Builds (unofficial)

The OpenELEC project does not provide or support the unofficial AMLogic builds used with some M8, MX2, MXQ, DroidBox (and others) hardware. Although these builds are OpenELEC named the staff in these forums have no knowledge of the OS changes made in these builds or the unique hardware they are used on. As most problems require some level of knowledge of the OS or hardware in use we are rarely able to help. Please use the links below for AMLogic OS updates and support:

AMLogic builds:

AMLogic support: