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The OpenELEC team is proud to release the first release candidate of OpenELEC 2.0!

Internally this is known by the less-catchy name OpenELEC 1.99.1 :) and we really hope its one of the latest prereleases before our OpenELEC 2.0 final.

After the XBMC Devcon in Vienna 5 weeks ago the PVR sub-projects have now been formally accepted into the XBMC master branch. Because of this and to save us a lot of additional work we have decided to drop the non PVR builds completly starting with this release candidate. Going forward all OpenELEC images will be PVR ready – the PVR functions can simply be enabled (or disabled) in XBMC settings.

An unofficial blog of the Vienna discussions can be read here:

To learn more about XBMC’s PVR capabilities please read here:



After the release of OpenELEC Beta 7 we received new bug reports. Most of them should be fixed now.


  • Users who are switching from a older non PVR build to our new builds must start with a fresh XBMC config. You can do this via ssh (putty).
    • To backup your old config:
cp -R /storage/.xbmc /storage/.xbmc.bk
    • To remove the old config (XBMC must be configured from scratch, including any addons/databases)
rm -rf /storage/.xbmc
  • Because we have included the AMD legacy driver in our Generic builds with Beta 6 its needed for all users of this builds to check the partition size of the first partition. This builds are now around 165MB. You can do this via ssh (putty):
df -h /flash
  • Starting with Beta 4 we also checked for corrupt update files before upgrading commences. On very rare occasions the download of our updates were incomplete and caused the system to fail after reboot. As our user base grows, rarer problems such as this one will emerge and be dealt with in a similar manner. This change will reduce the number of upgrades problems.

    To manually update the procedure is the same as before however you must also copy KERNEL.md5 and SYSTEM.md5 to the update folder/share together with KERNEL and SYSTEM.


There are 215 changes by 11 authors and 100 closed issues since Beta 7 (1.95.7). The most important changes are:

  • update to linux-3.2.30
  • update to connman-1.7
  • update to systemd-194
  • update broken music/musicvideo scrapers
  • update to xorg-server-1.12.4
  • update to xf86-video-intel-2.20.9
  • update to libaacs-0.5.0
  • update to libbluray-0.2.3
  • downgrade to xf86-video-fglrx-12.6
  • update to libcec-1.9.0
  • update to kmod-10
  • update to libvdpau-0.5
  • update to util-linux-2.22
  • update to alsa-lib-1.0.26
  • update to ffmpeg-0.10.5
  • update to gcc-4.7.2
  • add backports for VDPAU and XVBA


We would like to thank our users, team members and partners for testing, reporting and fixing issues, creating how-to documents, developing new features, and their donations of hardware and funds to the project. We appreciate your continued support!

How can I make a donation?

If you want to contribute to the OpenELEC project, you can make a donation using PayPal. Donating is easy, takes only a few minutes and you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. We have not set up our PayPal donation page to suggest a donation amount; please just donate what you feel comfortable with.

You can download your OpenELEC 2.0 RC 1 build here.

Upgrading to OpenELEC 1.99.1

There have been many months of developer testing in the run-up to this beta release, but like any major update there are a lot of changes and something somewhere will have been missed (this is why we do beta tests).

  • If you are going to update to the beta release from our actual stable OpenELEC-1.0 we STRONGLY advise you to make a backup of XBMC’s data files first and start with a fresh XBMC user dir:
mv /storage/.xbmc /storage/.xbmc-backup


  • If you are going to update from a previous OpenELEC-2.0 beta you can use our automatic method.


  • New OpenELEC Wiki
    We have added a wiki on to replace various HOWTO and “Tips & Tricks” sections of the website and forums. If you previously created popular forum articles for us please help us by moving them to the wiki.


  • Issue Reports & Feature Requests on github
    OpenELEC gained many new users since 1.0 and it became impossible to track issue reports and feature requests via forum postings. To re-assert some control and improve visibility for the dev team we have moved all bug reporting and feature requests to the github issue tracker here: . This is one of our last calls to report critical OpenELEC-2.0 bugs!


OpenELEC 2.0 highlights and changes:

  • XBMC-11.0 (Eden)
    Includes new native high-performance image compression for JPEG and PNG image types. If you previously enabled DDS fanart in advancedsettings.xml it should be removed. You can remove .dds files from the thumbnail image cache.
    Eden has improved sound card detection. This may change the naming of audio devices available on your system. If audio stops working after the update please adjust audio configuration in XBMC settings to use the updated device names.


  • PVR Support
    Based on XBMC 11.0 but include PVR support within the XBMC GUI and include DVB firmware and drivers, TVHeadend, VDR, Njoy N7 and VU+ support in the OS.


  • PXE netboot support:
  • Airplay and Airtunes support



  • libaacs support
  • exFAT support


  • Automatic framebuffer detection
    The previous “hack” to make splash screens work should be removed else you will see a message saying the video mode is not supported. Mount /flash read/write with “mount -o remount,rw /flash” and edit /flash/extlinux.conf. Remove vga=XYZ from the APPEND line, then save and reboot.


  • New “Generic_OSS” image
    “Generic_OSS” is similar to “Generic” but contains the open source AMD and nVidia graphic drivers. If you need to install OpenELEC to a system with older AMD or nVidia graphics cards and the “Generic” image doesn’t work, try this image.


  • “Fusion” image is now 64bit
    OpenELEC 1.x was 32bit due to issues in the 64bit build. These issues are fixed so we have switched to 64bit to make best use of Fusion hardware capabilities. Existing 32bit binary addons are not compatible with a 64bit OS so we recommend a clean installation to prevent issues. If you prefer to perform a manual update; you will need to remove all OpenELEC 32bit addon packages, update the OS, then re-add addon packages to get compatible 64bit versions. Please back-up /storage/.xbmc first!
cp -a /storage/.xbmc /storage/.xbmc-backup
rm -rf /storage/.xbmc/addons/packages
rm -rf /home/.xbmc/userdata/Database/Addons*.db
reboot, then reinstall the addons you need


  • Automatic Log-File Creation
    Accessing the \\OPENELEC\Logfiles SAMBA share automatically creates an archive file that contains essential log-files for troubleshooting.


  • Improved AMD XVBA support
    Thanks to the efforts of FernetMenta, Fritsch, Newphreak and many users who have been testing and providing feedback we have native XVBA support that replaces the old VAAPI solution in OpenELEC 1.x. Perfomance and stability are massively improved.


  • AppleTV builds use nVidia graphics (with full support for HDMI audio)
    Thanks to chewitt and XBMC’s Scott Davilla working with nVidia the long-standing HDMI audio bug was fixed. The nVidia driver brings a HUGE improvement to video quality and performance in our AppleTV image.


  • Llano A support removed from Fusion builds
    To optimise Fusion builds for AMD Fusion HTPCs we removed Llano “A” support from Fusion builds. If you have a Llano “A” system please use the “Generic” image.


  • SSH is OFF by default
    To improve “out of the box” security SSH is disabled by default. It can be enabled as part of the install process if required. It can be enabled post-install by adding an “ssh_enable” file to the \\OPENELEC\Configfiles SAMBA share and rebooting, or by adding “ssh” to the APPEND line in /flash/extlinux.cfg


  • PS3 controller support has been moved to a separate addon


  • Wii controller support has been moved to a separate addon



UPDATE (05.10.2012): The autoupdate function in older builds (1.95.x) is broken and dont update to our RC's (1.99.x). We work on a fix. Until its fixed please download and update manually. See: sorry!