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OpenELEC exists because of one-man's idea for an appliance-like OS that grew legs and ran. Since the birth of the project in 2009 there have been hundreds of contributors, and the team has a long and positive record of engagement with other upstream projects; notably Kodi where several OE staff are also official Kodi team members. OpenELEC continues to be a community-led effort and donations of user time, effort (and code!) are welcomed.

Development is centered on Github. This is also where "Request for Enhancement's" (RFE's) and triaged issue reports are submitted. You are politely reminded that Github is our development tool; anything posted to Github automatically notifies (or spams, depending on your point of view) the entire OpenELEC developer team. It is an appropriate place for users to provide information on triaged and "confirmed" bugs. The correct place for users to ask for first-help is the forum. Once a problem has been assessed and confirmed as a bug a Github issue report will be accepted. If you submit unconfirmed Github tickets with "I can't get my wireless to work" the ticket will be closed quickly, and often with blunt comments. Please (pretty please) use the forums to confirm bugs first!

Github master:

Github RFE and Issue reports:

OpenELEC developers also hang out in the #openelec IRC channel to discuss project things in addition to providing users with deeper and real-time technical assistance.