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The OpenELEC project is created and supported by a small but dedicated team of developers, moderators, support channel operators and general helpers, backed by the continuous enthusiasm from our active user community. The core project team works closely with Kodi's development team and a broad number of related upstream, downstream and kindred-spirit open-source software projects.

Current Team


Stephan is the lead developer and founder of OpenELEC, working on the OpenELEC operating system, and builds test and release builds of OpenELEC. He's usually on the IRC channel, and regularly posts on the forums.

xe An 'ideas man', xe provides the OpenELEC developers with plenty of new ideas to implement and also provides support for users on the OpenELEC forums and IRC channel.
chewitt chewitt is the (now unofficial) AppleTV build maintainer and helps to create scripts and add new features. He also provides support in the forum and occasionally the IRC channel.
Klojum Klojum is one of the forum moderators. He also provides support for the users in the IRC channel.
lrusak lrusak maintains our wiki and is one of the forum moderators. He also provides support for the users in the forum and IRC channel.
newphreak Newphreak comes from the wild north (Norway) and provides support in the forums and IRC channel. He's also fritsch's test guinnea-pig.

Inactive & Former Team Members

  • C4
  • cowbalt
  • evanrich
  • gilphilbert
  • Gujs
  • ismell
  • jeroen
  • lufie
  • Mindtooth
  • wintemrute
  • saik0
  • therio