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The OpenELEC 7.0 (internal version 7.0.0) release has been published. Users running OpenELEC 6.95.1 or later with auto-update enabled will be prompted on-screen to reboot and apply the update once it has been downloaded and enabled in some hours. Users running older OpenELEC releases or with auto-update disabled will need to manually update. If you would like to update from an older OpenELEC release please read update instructions/advice on the Wiki before updating. Manual update files can be obtained from the downloads page.

OpenELEC 7.0.0 is a feature release. The main changes are:

  • Platform changes:
    • New Platform WeTek Core supported with a own Build
      WeTek Core is the best Android TV box you can have to watch IPTV, Movies and TV Shows while you relax on your sofa.
      With an AMLogic S812-H, 2GHz Quad-core processor, 4K Support and 8-bit H265, this box will give you all entertainment you are looking for.
    • Merged Nvidia_Legacy build to Generic build.
      Users who used the Nvidia_Legacy build now have to use our Generic build.
  • Core OS updates and changes (old version in brackets):
    • ALSA updated to 1.1 (1.0.29)
    • Binutils updated to 2.26 (2.25)
    • GCC updated to 5.3 (4.9)
    • glibc updated to 2.23 (2.22)
    • Python updated to 2.7.13 (2.7.3)
    • LLVM updated to 3.8 (3.6)
    • Linux kernel updated to 4.4 (4.1)
    • Mesa updated to 11.2 (11.0)
    • ffmpeg updated to 2.8 (2.6)
    • libva updated to 1.7 (1.6)
    • connman updated to 1.31 (1.23)
    • libnfs updated to 1.11 (1.9)
    • libressl updated to 2.2 (2.1)
    • systemd updated to 229 (219)
    • xorg-server updated to 1.18 (1.17)
  • Driver and firmware updates and changes:
    • updated WLAN drivers and firmware
    • added new AMDGPU driver for new AMD Graphic cards
    • updated Intel Graphic driver
    • merged Nvidia with Nvidia legacy driver to support old and new Graphic cards with one build.
  • Kodi updates and changes (old version in brackets)
    • Kodi updated to 16.1 final (15)
  • New features
    • Bluetooth Audio support (see below)
    • OpenVPN reincluded


Enable and use Bluetooth Audio support

  • Enable Bluetooth support via OpenELECs settings addon
  • connect your Bluetooth Audio hardware via OpenELEC settings addon
  • change your Audio device to PULSE: Default, Bluetooth Audio (PULSEAUDIO)
  • disable passthrough in Kodis Audio settings


Kodi 16 support

OpenELEC 7.0 release contain a Kodi major version bump. If you are updating from OpenELEC 6.0 or earlier we strongly recommend you perform a full backup before performing a manual update. If you experience issues please perform a soft-reset to clear OpenELEC and Kodi settings.


Help Supporting OpenELEC

If you would like to contribute to the OpenELEC project, there are lots of ways you can help. We are always looking for people to help with documentation, testing and reporting bugs. If you enjoy using OpenELEC and would like to make a donation to support the project, you can do this using PayPal. Donating is easy and takes only a few minutes, and you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. We can also accept donations by other means (bitcoin, flattr, etc…). You can find out more about donating here.

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Note: You do not need a PayPal account to make a PayPal donation.


How To Upgrade To OpenELEC 7.0 (7.0.0) Release

If you are going to update from one of our older releases, we STRONGLY advise that you make a backup of your XBMC data and do a manual update . You can use our OpenELEC Settings addon if you are using OpenELEC-3.2 or later to backup your data. For more details, please visit is hosted and sponsored by

Testing and Reporting

There has been many months of development and testing in the run-up to this releases, but like any major update there are a lot of changes. Unfortunately, we are unable to test every scenario on all hardware, so it’s possible you might pick up on an issue we may have missed (this is why we do beta tests). We would like anyone brave enough to test this release and report issues that they find either with OpenELEC or Kodi.

Thank You!

We would like to thank our users, team members and partners for testing, reporting and fixing issues, creating how-to documents, developing new features, and their donations of hardware and funds to the project. We appreciate your continued support, without it we would not be able to continue.

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions about OpenELEC, sponsoring the project, or think you might be able to offer another service that will be useful to us, then please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is always someone that is able to answer your questions in the #openelec irc on freenode.

You can find the new release of OpenELEC 7.0 (7.0.0) on the downloads page

Posted: 10 months 3 weeks ago by nickr #168092
nickr's Avatar
No, but a backup is always a good idea.
Posted: 10 months 3 weeks ago by adriman #168090
adriman's Avatar
I'm on openelec 6.0.3 if update to 7.0.1 i will lost all my configurations?
Posted: 1 year 4 days ago by chemamontevideo #167634
chemamontevideo's Avatar
chemamontevideo wrote:
No inadyn service addon?

No answer?
Moving to Libreelec

Great support over here
Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by sraue #167552
sraue's Avatar
OpenELEC 7.0.1 should fix the issues with the Installer and the boot on Cubox i4pro. Please test and report back in this thread:

see also
Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by tjsuominen #167514
tjsuominen's Avatar
Seems a bit too complicated for a noob like me...

Might switch to LibreElec (though I do not know shall it face the same challenge)...

Thx for trying to help me out!
Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by Lenx #167502
Lenx's Avatar
To be fair any upgrade from openelec 6 will require partition resizing. If you try to install the fork it will hit the same issue.

To answer some of your questions:

1) Post #14 gives the partition size requirements
You can see your current partition sizes in the GUI, from memory System>System Info>Storage

2) How to resize your current partition is covered in post #17
I followed these instructions and it worked fine.
The only thing I had to do post install was update tvheadend versions and restart
Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by tjsuominen #167494
tjsuominen's Avatar
Hi all!

Great to hear OE is still alive & kicking. However, seems that this 6.0.x > 7.0.0 update is far from trivial including possible challenges with the partition sizes issues. So as I am quite a noob, prior to even considering this update, I would like to:

1) Know HOW to check do I need to manually resize the partition?
2) Have updated WIKI pages with instructions HOW to manually change the partition size to meet the installation requirements
3) Optionally... Have the installer to take care of the resize (might be too big cake to handle, though ;-)

Prior to those, I'll just stay on 6.0.x.

I am sure there are quite a few 'noobies' who would like to have those too.

Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by Farquhar #167489
Farquhar's Avatar
I have the same issue on a NUC6i5SYH - skylake based (freshly updated BIOS at default settings)

Using W32diskimager I created an installer stick.
That boots on the NUC. There I tried to install OpenElec V7 on several devices: USB stick, SDMC and HDD.

All show the same fault: mount_storage: mount_common: could not mount label=storage

I booted Ubuntu and used gparted to look a the the HDD. It shows two partitions, The boot partition is healthy, the 2nd partition appears to have a problem.
Gparted writes: unable to detect file system.

Here is a link to two fotos showing the boot fault and the gparted view of the HDD.

Any ideas what I did wrong and how I can get this too work?
Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by chemamontevideo #167469
chemamontevideo's Avatar
No inadyn service addon?
Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by yoyoma2 #167456
yoyoma2's Avatar
Solved: Rebooting OpenElec and re-updating the NextPVR addon solved this.

Upgraded my Raspberry Pi2 to OpenElec 7.0 and now the TV/PVR feature won't work. The logs say:

ERROR: PVR - Add-on 'NextPVR PVR Client' is using an incompatible API version. XBMC minimum API version = '4.1.0', add-on API version '1.9.6'

Uninstalling and reinstalling the NextPVR addon doesn't help. Googling found the same error message here but it seems the error is in the packages? .

Solved: Rebooting OpenElec and re-updating the NextPVR addon solved this.
Posted: 1 year 1 week ago by bicky #167449
bicky's Avatar
I thought i would just share the harrowing experience of trying to upgrade to OpenElec 7.0
I am running an OpenElec Wetek Box -running 6.95 - this was working fantastically, then I received a popup which told me there was an upgrade to 7.0 waiting. My upgrade settings were set to Auto so I was expecting a formal notification to upgrade. Nothing appeared, so I decided to opt for the manual upgrade.After several tries of downloading and installation failing, I gave up. Closed down and went to bed.
Next morning when I booted up - my system was "BRICKED" in every sense of the word.
After long and arduous attempts at recovery, I resorted to the "Paper Clip" boot from root method. Now I am pleased to say we are up and running again, but with 6.95 - for now I will give 7.0 a miss. A stable release - I don't think so.
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by jivanoff #167405
jivanoff's Avatar
I have tried the following scenarios for upgrade:
1: My old 6.0.3 to 7.0.0 - Failed, kernel panic
2: Clean 6.03 to 7.0.0 - failed, kernel panic
3: Clean 7.0.0 - failed, partition resizing works but then it shows a lot of ascii characters and when that has completed it reboots, and then kernel panic,
4: Clean 7 develop image to 7.0.0 stable , kernel panic
So now I am running on a 7 development image, the one mentioned above.
On my Raspberry Pi2 the upgrade from 6.0.3 to 7.0.0 worked without issues.
But, I am sure the partition resizing thingy works, it is the reboot afterwards that crashes.
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by Flex #167401
Flex's Avatar
Same problem here since updating to Openelec 7.0! Is there any update on this?

Once i turn off the unit i cant switch it back on with the remote. Quite frustrating.

EDIT: Just realized the power button on the wektek remote does nothing at all, however my Harmony remote (which I am using via a USB IR adapter) does shut the wetek core off but I am unable to power it back up with either remote after the upgrade to 7.0.

Happy to help troubleshoot if you can let me know what you need e.g. log files etc.
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by Fosphatic #167400
Fosphatic's Avatar
Hey ThreeSixe,

try to use the old remote.conf from the previous build and see if it work for u then? Copy the old one to /storage/.config/ and reboot the box. Check then if the buttons are working fine then.


Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by ThreeSixes #167385
ThreeSixes's Avatar
So, why exactly did the power button on my remote stop working after this update? It was working just fine before.

Can't even turn the device (Wetek Core) on now, unless I unplug the cables and start it that way. While it's on,
all the other buttons work and I can browse regularly.

What gives?
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by andrewz #167384
andrewz's Avatar
saldot wrote:
the devel image you linked works fine in a cubox-i 4pro

please check bluetooth
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by kingpin #167379
kingpin's Avatar
worked, thx
but it is 16.1 jarvis !?
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by Flow #167374
Flow's Avatar
sraue wrote:
The failing "Size check" means your first (SYSTEM) partition is to small, thats why we recommend new installs. Since a year we using 512MB partitions, 256MB is not more enough for Generic builds.

This would have been a nice addition to the wiki. I am no noob and can do it on my on but again, the info would have been great so I don't waste my time finding the answer. If you change things, at the pace you change versions (6.0.3 here) it's been over a year hence people that got the last update like I did cannot know about this. Even then, why not do a proper installer that would correct the partition size or a small command so people with less experience could do this easily.

I feel bad for all the people that installed this setup for their moms or others, not the kind of thing you can just do remotely!
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by saldot #167372
saldot's Avatar
@sraue - the devel image you linked works fine in a cubox-i 4pro. Wrote to a formatted SD card and had no issues.
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by Celidr #167367
Celidr's Avatar
Weird I upgraded my two RPi* systems, but airplayed only worked once I disabled airplay in settings - on both system :) Dunno if its a bug for all that runs this version of openelec on RPi2/3 or if something happened when I upgraded, but as soon as I enable airplay my devices cannot find Kodi anymore, disable it and there it is and working perfectly again.
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by WaaZaa #167366
WaaZaa's Avatar
tom2014 wrote:

while creating the filesystems the Installer uses the comand:

"mke2fs -t ext4"

but the used busyboxversion 1.26.0 (24.12.2016)

does NOT support "-t" option.

So the creation of the partition failed and the installer stops. (87 % or 85%)


I actually have the same issue as this. Unfortunately, I cannot install a previous version on my Asrock ION330HT and upgrade that way (current OE version I'm running is ancient). Hope this can be adressed soon!
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by bikebot #167357
bikebot's Avatar
sraue wrote:
users with cubox i4pro:
can you try with...

I had the kernel panic issue on an i4pro (kernel check said ok), tried resizing but the thing failed to boot entirely. Tried your image from scratch (dd onto the SD card) and it boots fine now, partition size listed as 537 mb. Finally, I restored the OpenELEC backup made immediately prior to trying the upgrade from 6.0.3 and it seems to have been successful. Thanks for the extra work.

Incidentally, a little nitpick on the message during the restore - "restoring.. this may take long time to complete, please wait .." (sic).
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by DoDe #167351
DoDe's Avatar
I have to try this because I got the same message as anyone here with cuboxtv.
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by persistability #167347
persistability's Avatar
So if I put the 7.0 ZIP file under /storage/.update/

like I did for 5.0 -> 6.0 then this will cater for all necessary resizing of partitions ???? or will it not actually do that part?
Posted: 1 year 2 weeks ago by giuliocoluccia #167346
giuliocoluccia's Avatar
Since I updated to 7 from 6.0.3 I'm not able to run the Openelec Configuration script anymore, both from the shortcut under the System section and from the Programs list. What shall I check to fix it?