OpenELEC 8.0.4 release has been published. Users running OpenELEC 8.0.0 or later with auto-update enabled will be prompted on-screen to reboot and apply the update once it has been downloaded and enabled in some hours. Users running older OpenELEC releases or with auto-update disabled will need to manually update. If you would like to update from an older OpenELEC release please read update instructions/advice on the Wiki before updating. Manual update files can be obtained from the downloads page.

Kodi 17 (Krypton) support

OpenELEC 8.0 release contain a Kodi major version bump. If you are updating from OpenELEC 7.0 or earlier we strongly recommend you perform a full backup before performing a manual update. If you experience issues please perform a soft-reset to clear OpenELEC and Kodi settings.

OpenELEC 8.0.4 is a maintenance release for OpenELEC-8.0 series. The main fixes are:

  • fix crash in WeTek DVB driver on WeTek Play (1st gen).
  • enable Kernel NEON mode for RPi2 builds.
  • enable some more SOC sound drivers for RPi/RPi2 builds.
  • enable Regulator support on all builds.
  • enable Extcon support on all builds.
  • fix loading for some I2C sound modules on RPI/RPi2 builds.
  • fix loading splash screen on systems with Nvidia GPUs.
  • fix speed problems on Nvidia ION systems.
  • fix problems loading dvbhdhomerun addons.
  • fix using user created sleep scripts.
  • build PNG support with SSE support for x86_64 builds.
  • update to linux-4.9.30, mesa-17.0.7, alsa-lib-, alsa-utils-1.1.4, kodi-17,3, mariadb-10.1.23, samba-4.6.4.

OpenELEC 8.0 series is a feature release. The main changes are:

  • Platform changes:
    • New Platform WeTek Play 2Play 2 supported with a own Build.
      WeTek Play 2 brings endless entertainment to your living room. Enjoy the latest movies and series in 4K UHD, play games, browse the internet, keep up with the news, or use the DVB modular tuner to watch thousands of TV channels via satellite, terrestrial and cable connections.
    • New Platform WeTek Hub supported by a own Build.
      Taking advantage of the latest hardware advances, we’ve maximized performance and optimized design. Introducing, WeTek Hub, the smallest WeTek device yet, and one of the most powerful Android streaming devices on the market.
    • Raspberry Pi Zero W supported by Raspberry Pi (1) builds.
  • Core OS updates and changes (old version in brackets):
    • Pulseaudio updated to 10.0 (9.0)
    • Binutils updated to 2.28 (2.26)
    • GCC updated to 6.3 (5.4)
    • glibc updated to 2.25 (2.23)
    • LLVM updated to 4.0 (3.8)
    • Linux kernel updated to 4.9 (4.4)
    • Mesa updated to 17.0 (11.2)
    • ffmpeg updated to 3.2 (2.8)
    • libva updated to 1.8 (1.7)
    • connman updated to 1.34 (1.31)
    • libressl updated to 2.4 (2.2)
    • systemd updated to 233 (229)
    • xorg-server updated to 1.19 (1.18)
    • samba updated to 4.6 (3.6)
    • MySQL replaced with MariaDB-10.1
    • HFS and HFS+ Filesystem support removed.
    • iSCSI support removed.
    • NFS, NBD, iSCSI Network boot support removed.
    • LIRC support removed, LIRC was always installed as a enhancenment to the Kernel RC drivers, and was only used for very old IR Hardware like classic XBox remote and others - which support is now dropped.
    • Apple TV 1 IR remote driver driver removed.
    • X11 AMDGPU, ATI (Radeon) and Intel GPU driver driver replaced by X11 Modesettings GPU driver.
  • Driver and firmware updates and changes:
    • updated WLAN and DVB drivers and firmwares.
    • updated Nvidia Legacy driver to xf86-video-nvidia-340, which removes support for legacy Nvidia GPUs not supporting VDPAU.
  • Kodi updates and changes (old version in brackets)
    • Kodi updated to version 17 final (16)


Help Supporting OpenELEC

If you would like to contribute to the OpenELEC project, there are lots of ways you can help. We are always looking for people to help with documentation, testing and reporting bugs. If you enjoy using OpenELEC and would like to make a donation to support the project, you can do this using PayPal. Donating is easy and takes only a few minutes, and you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. We can also accept donations by other means (bitcoin, flattr, etc…). You can find out more about donating here.

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Note: You do not need a PayPal account to make a PayPal donation.


How To Upgrade To OpenELEC 8.0 (8.0.4) Release

If you are going to update from one of our older releases, we STRONGLY advise that you make a backup of your XBMC data and do a manual update . You can use our OpenELEC Settings addon if you are using OpenELEC-3.2 or later to backup your data. For more details, please visit is hosted and sponsored by

Testing and Reporting

There has been many months of development and testing in the run-up to this releases, but like any major update there are a lot of changes. Unfortunately, we are unable to test every scenario on all hardware, so it’s possible you might pick up on an issue we may have missed (this is why we do beta tests). We would like anyone brave enough to test this release and report issues that they find either with OpenELEC or Kodi.

Thank You!

We would like to thank our users, team members and partners for testing, reporting and fixing issues, creating how-to documents, developing new features, and their donations of hardware and funds to the project. We appreciate your continued support, without it we would not be able to continue.

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions about OpenELEC, sponsoring the project, or think you might be able to offer another service that will be useful to us, then please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is always someone that is able to answer your questions in the #openelec irc on freenode.

You can find the new release of OpenELEC 8.0 (8.0.4) on the downloads page

Posted: 2 days 3 hours ago by Eirlys #171310
Eirlys's Avatar
interesting. I like your suggestions. thank you for sharing.
Posted: 1 month 3 weeks ago by steve30x #170898
steve30x's Avatar
Is there going to be an update? I found a Netflix addon (I have a netflix account) that works on Kodi but its missing a dependency that is not installed with Openelec 8.0.4
Posted: 1 month 3 weeks ago by dr4g0nfly #170875
dr4g0nfly's Avatar
I've just tried installing on Wetek Play 2 via SD card.
It started well, but remained frozen on the following message;


20 -25 minutes has gone by & I can see no improvement from this stage so will have to reload.. :unsure:
Posted: 2 months 4 weeks ago by Certvalue #170648
Certvalue's Avatar
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Posted: 2 months 4 weeks ago by Certvalue #170647
Certvalue's Avatar
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Posted: 3 months 3 days ago by snazmeister #170619
snazmeister's Avatar
Sadly, watching any movie is now problematic. For no apparent reason - a movie will hang. After anywhere from 5 to 45 seconds, the film will start again but be totally out of sync and generally no longer watchable. You either have to stop the film and hope it remembers where you are or simply start it again and skip back to where you were. I find literally no reason why this has occurred.

I am unable to remotely connect to the box in any way apart from being able to ping it. I must say, this is a horrid release and generally is unworkable. I'm moving back to 7.x as this actually functioned without any issues.
Posted: 3 months 1 week ago by dolik007 #170603
dolik007's Avatar
Hi, Can I ask if there is any shift in solving the samba problem? I use the version 7.0.1, but I would like to use version 8.X.X. Thanks
Posted: 3 months 3 weeks ago by merlin617 #170467
merlin617's Avatar
same here, Samba not seeing networked puters'
Posted: 4 months 2 weeks ago by redcaesar #170263
redcaesar's Avatar
HDMI-CEC does not work on any of the 8.0.0-4 line. Or I should say works but does not survive a switch of input or TV power off.
Posted: 4 months 3 weeks ago by myk3le #170250
myk3le's Avatar
i upgrade my raspberry pi 3 to open elec 8.0.4 but samba doesn’t work properly; i find my lan hdd but it's empty, i don’t see files; so i downgrade to open elec 7 and samba works fine now i see files again...
Posted: 5 months 4 weeks ago by simonmoon #170005
simonmoon's Avatar
Not Stable on X86 AM1 HTPC. This version frequently hangs when trying to connect to NAS. Totally unacceptable. Also there are new weird problems with HDMI pass-thru. Dolby Digital Plus is hit or miss on getting recognized. I tried Libreelec from a thumb drive and these problems vanish. I'll run off the thumb drive for a few days, but Openelec needs a truly stable update to be usable.
Posted: 6 months 4 days ago by Cori #169713
Cori's Avatar
Huh. Well, my HP MCE remote temporarily stopped working after this update. Some mucking about later, I tried unplugging the receiver USB and reconnecting it. That did the trick and now it's back.

Maybe that will help someone.
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by katesey #169592
katesey's Avatar

Surprisingly I'm not having most of the issues on update to OpenELEC 8.0.4 . However, few are:

enable some more SOC sound drivers for RPi/RPi2 builds.
enable Regulator support on all builds.
enable Extcon support on all builds.

Also I have some Platform change issues

New Platform WeTek Play 2Play 2 supported with a own Build.
The problem is Signing/agreeing to third-party app permissions, or logging into these services features a security threat. Another dangerous cause leading to online privacy fraud, which we overlook most of the times, is when we grant too many permissions while downloading, or signing for a product or service

I hope some of these problems solved when it comes to personal privacy.
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by mbeerli #169589
mbeerli's Avatar
Also on RPi2. Upgraded from 8.0.3. Quasar plugin works now, before it did not. Removable USB storage is being mounted now as well.
The only thing not working is the Settings - OpenELEC menu.
See bug report:
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by yoyoma2 #169588
yoyoma2's Avatar
Works fine on Rpi2. No obvious regressions from 8.0.3. Your announcement says kodi-17,3 instead of-17.3. Almost didn't upgrade because finding 17.3 came up empty. Kodi 17.1 had a security issue so openelec 8.0.4 is worth it just for kodi 17.3..
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by chips34 #169551
chips34's Avatar
Hi ,I have a Odroid C1 , what one do i use ??? No idea anymore with allthese out there...thanks