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The OpenELEC team is proud to release OpenELEC 3.0.3

This is a maintenance release with some bug and security fixes since OpenELEC 3.0.2. You must upgrade from any previous 2.9x.x or 3.x release to 3.0.3.

Thank You!

We would like to thank our users, team members and partners for testing, reporting and fixing issues, creating how-to documents, developing new features, and their donations of hardware and funds to the project. We appreciate your continued support!

Thank Us!

If you want to contribute to the OpenELEC project, you can make a donation using PayPal, Bitcoin or Flattr. Donating is easy, takes only a few minutes and you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. We have not set up our PayPal donation page to suggest a donation amount; please just donate what you feel comfortable with.

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  • update to curl-7.30.0
  • update to bcm2835-driver-f53948f
  • update to samba-3.6.15
  • update to libcec-2.1.3
  • update to wlan-firmware-0.0.12
  • update to libmicrohttpd-0.9.27
  • update to xf86-video-nvidia-304.88
  • update to xf86-video-nvidia-legacy-304.88
  • update to ethtool-3.9
  • update to libiconv-20130504
  • update to gettext-
  • update to syslinux-5.01
  • downgrade to bcm2835-bootloader-baa3ecf (should fix issues with non booting SanDisk SDcards in 3.0.2)
  • Revert "xrandr: switch off screen on standby and restart on wakeup to try to avoid audio issues after suspend"
  • Revert "xrandr: switch off only HDMI/DFP/CRT outputs on suspend"
  • enable CONFIG_SATA_SIL24
  • enable marvell pata
  • add CONFIG_DVB_DM1105 closes #2126
  • add ZD1201 wifi support
  • procps-ng: install in release builds too
  • add package 'berryboot-tools'
  • add create_livestick_osx and files
  • busybox: add 'ip tunnel' support
  • RPi: add own /etc/modules file and load lirc_rpi by default, dont load coretemp module
  • RPi: add i2c-dev support
  • ATV: autoupdate: add support for MACH_KERNEL
  • RPi: changed gpu_mem to 100mb for 256mb RPis. fixes #1713
  • samba: build libsmbclient as shared lib
  • avahi/samba: When samba is built with avahi support the server name is advertised in UPPERCASE as samba forces this when setting-up avahi via dbus. If we disable avahi support in samba and include a samba.service file with avahi the hostname is correctly advertised as the user entered it; e.g. OpenELEC not OPENELEC ..we can also use a tweaked samba.service so Mac users with an AppleTV see the AppleTV icon in instead of a generic server icon. this fixes #2282
  • Mount /var as tmpfs and limit the use of tmpfs
  • util-linux: use blocksize=1MB for creating the swapfile
  • xbmc: add PR2570
  • xbmc: add PR2748
  • xbmc: add PR2493
  • xbmc: add PR2755
  • xbmc: add PR2586
  • xbmc: add PR2712
  • xbmc: add PR2713
  • xbmc: add PR2686
  • xbmc-pvr-addons: add PR193
  • crystalhd: add PW2092521 patch

For a full changelog on what's new, follow the link below:

You can find the new release of OpenELEC 3.0.3 on the downloads page

OpenELEC 3.0 is recommended for new installations, and as an upgrade to existing OpenELEC 2.0 installs. However, please note that OpenELEC 2.0 will not automatically update to 3.0. This is a deliberate move as we have observed a small number of issues with Frodo updating Eden databases; we want the timing of an upgrade to be something you choose (i.e. after you made a backup of your Eden configuration). Please ugrade to OpenELEC 3.0 using the manual update process:


OpenELEC 3.0 will be the penultimate release for ION 32-bit and Intel 32-bit users. Support for these images will cease with the OpenELEC 3.2 or 4.0 release. If you are currently using one of these builds the correct migration path is:

  • ION i386 (with 32-bit capable hardware) => Generic i386
  • ION i386 (with 64-bit capable hardware) => ION x86_64
  • Intel i386 (with 32-bit capable hardware) => Generic i386
  • Intel i386 (with 64-bit capable hardware) => Intel x86_64

Further reminders will be issued with the 3.1 release. If you have any questions, please ask in the forums.