In our latest development builds we have included some patches which should improve our Fusion builds but will also affect all other builds. We have included the latest work from FernetMenta and others.


This means on Fusion builds (or better; if you use a AMD GPU) XVBA Hardware decoding is used directly and not anymore via VAAPI. The patches are quite big and will change quite some things related to all other builds as well. Because of this we need your help for testing our actual development builds (release r9202 or later). Please report issues in this thread on our orum. If there are bigger problems we will remove these patches again, but we hope they are stable enough.


You can find the development build at the following location: http://sources.openelec.tv/tmp/image/openelec-eden

Please also keep on testing ION/Intel/Generic builds, there are some bugfixes included which improve these builds too (esp. stability changes for VDPAU)