From today the Njoy Live TV application is available in the official XBMC add-on repository from version Eden Beta 3 and up. The add-on makes it possible to watch directly live digital SD and HD payTV from your TV subscription into XBMC.

You need one of the N7 devices from Njoy Digital to use the app. (http://www.tv2lan.com) The devices are available for Digital Satellite and in a Digital Cable/Terrestrial unit. It has a card reader on board and a CI interface. Basically if your provider supports CI , then it works. ( For CI Plus there are some restrictions )

The app was originally developed by Njoy Digital for Boxee and now ported by the XBMC dev team for XBMC.

NJoy Addon

EPG and PVR applications are under development.

Now digital TV within XBMC is available for customers without linux skills (setting up TV Headend can be a nightmare). N7 works out of the box with an OpenELEC system and is the first result of the partnership between OpenELEC and Njoy Digital.

OpenELEC users will also benefit 20% discount on these state of the art network tuners (http://www.anyseedirect.eu).