Our (new) versioning scheme

21 Jun 2013

Beginning with the next releases we change our versioning scheme a bit to support test (beta) builds inside our release cycles. Because OpenELEC depends on a X.Y.Z versioning scheme this will be now (changes from now on are marked with (*)):



X. (Major Release):

very big changes like a major update to XBMC.
A automatic update from X-1 to X is not supported, a fresh installation is highly recommend.

Y. (Feature Release):

bigger changes to the Core OS, but usually not noticable by Users. This includes kernel changes, important changes and new features.
(*) If Y = odd its a beta/testing build for Y+1 (even) releases.
(*) Autoupdates from stable to testing (from Y (even) to Y+1 (odd))) is disabled, but enabled from testing to stable (from Y (odd) to Y+1 (even)) and stable to stable (from Y (even) to Y+2 (even)).

Z. (Bugfix Release):

bugfix releases to fix issues with older releases (Z-1) or simple changes like driver additions.
Autoupdate is enabled from earlyer releases (Z-1 to Z)

This means our next stable release will be OpenELEC-3.2, which is based on OpenELEC-3.1 - our next testing release.

Posted: 9 months 4 weeks ago by tergo #77459
tergo's Avatar
What happens after version Z ? There is no more letters so you will have to go back to A. This will be very confusing.

Posted: 10 months 16 hours ago by Mettbrot #77166
Mettbrot's Avatar
I very much like the whole x+1, z-2 logic there :-D
Posted: 10 months 16 hours ago by Frank-NL #77164
Frank-NL's Avatar
My guess is it means you can do it manually at your own risk. There is a wiki page on the XBMC wiki with issues for the upgrade to Frodo. The same will happen with Gotham, and since for example the whole way of creating settings is different, it will probably be best to start all over.

Or it might work.

That's why it won't be auto updated because otherwise it will be OE's fault, which is not the real cause of the problems :)
Posted: 10 months 17 hours ago by brooc #77162
brooc's Avatar
Does this mean that going forward to 4.0.0 will have us all reinstalling all of our addons and setting up XBMC all over again with our wanted settings?

This will make updating a hassle which in turn will have a lot of users not updating to the latest OE
Posted: 10 months 1 day ago by sraue #77142
sraue's Avatar
yes, at least its planned. Because our update mechanism has be changed with starting 3.1.0, this will be tested in the next 3.1.x versions - and fixed if there are issues.
Posted: 10 months 1 day ago by Frank-NL #77141
Frank-NL's Avatar
What about auto updates from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1, will those work?

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