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First of all, we'd like to apologize. As some of you will have noticed, we recently experienced some downtime with our main webserver which affected our website and forums and while the wiki and chat remained working, the others were down for around 48 hours.

We'd like to thank our provider, SolNET for their hard work getting our website back up and running as quickly as they could, helping us with the DoS attack we suffered and making it easier for us to manage our traffic.

The other obvious thing to mention is that we have a new website! We took advantage of the downtime on our website to switch to our new website that you see here. The old one was beginning to show wear around the corners and was preventing us from providing new features to you while the new website has been built from the ground up (although we've used some of the content from the old website) with a new look and feel. We hope you like it! Our whole team have worked hard to bring this website to you, but we'd like to pay special thanks to gilphilbert for his hard work over the last few weeks.

The main features of our new site are:

  • Entirely new design
  • New forum with enhanced layout
  • New download section to make finding the right download easier
  • News articles are now linked to the forums for easier commenting on our articles and subscription to comments
  • Better support for mobile devices with our new layout

If you have problems with the new website, please leave us feedback in the forum: Website feedback