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It is a long time now after we have given an update about the status of our project, and in particular: “what have we done with your donations?”. So let's start giving you a list where all the money has gone.


At first, we want to thank (again) everybody who have donated, it is really appreciated and you helped us a lot! Please keep on doing that as new hardware and website-hosting still costs enough.

With your previous donations, we have done for example the following purchases and payments:


  • Bought a box for team XBMC to get better support on Python. As everybody noticed, most add-ons are supported by default and new problems with them are solved faster. All thanks to Amet's (official staff of team XBMC) support.
  • Bought a box for the Lirc team to get better support on IR-devices. They have already made 2 new drivers (the Nuvoton driver for boxes from ASrock, Xtreamer, Intel etc. and the Fintek driver found for example in some Asus and MSI systems) and update some existing ones to support more chipsets or fix bugs.
  • We bought a Fusion board to get this architecture supported. It is still work in progress, but things look very promising.
  • For all donations and hardware we've got and sent, we had paid shipping costs, taxes etc.
  • We also bought several hardware like HDD's, USB sticks and other parts needed to support the project.
  • The costs for the website (hosting, theme, etc.).


To cover future costs, don't stop donating. Even if it is just a few bucks, all donations are truly appreciated and spent on the project. All support you get from us is for free and will be!

For now, enjoy your OpenELEC media center!