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As time flies by, OpenELEC has become more accepted than we ever expected. While at the first year we had only a small group of users, today OpenELEC is discussed at many forums over the Internet and used by even a larger group of happy users. Also the amount of supported devices has blown in size, while the builds are still around 100 mb in size.

When you have glory in the spotlight, others will notice you. We already told you that Stephan was adopted to the official XBMC staff, because of his devotion to make XBMC a standalone, easy-to-install media center. This made it a whole lot easier to get support on some issues.
And now we noticed that the efficient code Stephan wrote is currently used in other “forks” of OpenELEC. You could say it is rather dirty copying (1 on 1), but we're too proud to say something like that. Yes, it is more honorable to write your own code, but when someone thinks your code is perfect, it is also an honor to the project. However we don't going to give it more attention than we did with this message, but think again when some not official XBMC-installer comes around ;).

RC6 is almost ready for it's release. We're just finishing off some last bugs, but then it will rock your boxes! Some of you already got a glimp of what it will be, but we can confirm that it will have a SABnzbd suite add-on, which will install SABnzbd+, Couchpotato and Sickbeard at once and is preconfigurated so it will work together by default. MakeMKV, TVHeadend, TransmissionBT will be added as add-on too.
Another big change will be that some tools will removed from the default install, but available as add-on (for example Nano, an terminal editor). These are tools that a normal user never would use when their media center is working correct, only for those how need some testing and manual configuring through a SSH terminal.

For now, stay tuned and enjoy you XBMC experience!