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To start the good news, we have accomplished buying a Zotac AD02 box for FernetMenta, which is already in use by him and the first effects are already showing off by some of you.

We are really proud of all users that helped with donating!! Thank you very much. Please do not stop donating, as further development and research on new hardware is still needed.

FernetMenta is now busy to get the Fusion APU supported better, and this offcourse will take some time. Don't be disappointed if the updates don't follow in days for the Fusion, there is going to be a massive change in how videos are handled and we are very possitive about the plans we have discussed with FernetMenta.


Last but not least, we as the OpenELEC team would like to thank also FernetMenta for his time that he is spending on the project and for XBMC. Please leave some good words for him in the comments, because it is the least he deserves!