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We are pleased to announce that we have a new partner - Xtreamer and more specifically, their Ultra platform which is an ideal partner for OpenELEC.

Xtreamer have just released a custom SSD for the Ultra platform which includes OpenELEC pre-installed along with Xtreamer's own Ultra OS. It's a 16GB module that runs in a tiny mini-PCIe slot, so it's very small but still super fast. The installation of OpenELEC is the version specifically built for the Xtreamer, so all features of the machine will run out-of-the-box.


This is fantastic news for Xtreamer owners, both old and new, as installation is no longer required (although it's hardly taxing!) - just insert the SSD drive and OpenELEC will boot. Additionally, as the SSD fits into the Mini-PCIe slot inside the Ultra, the hard drive space inside the unit is still free for a 2.5" hard disk so you can use the space for a larger space for your media.


This is a great step for OpenELEC as this is our first partner announcement - we're really excited about our venture with Xtreamer and we look forward to working with them further in the future to give you the best possible experience on the best hardware platforms.

If you've already got an Xtreamer, or you're thinking about getting one, then this is a really cost-effective way of adding SSD performance withouth sacrificing your storage space.

For more information on the SSD, head over to the SSD announcement page on the Xtreamer Website.