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OpenELEC has won the CH Open Source Award 2014

We are excited to announce that OpenELEC has won the CH Open Source Award 2014. OpenELEC was selected by the Swiss organization /ch/open from among a pool of 23 exciting projects. According to the jury for /ch/open, “The OSS Awards recognise businesses, public authorities, open source communities and individuals who have used and developed open source software in an innovative and groundbreaking way."

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New unofficial addon repo

Beginning with OpenELEC-3.2 we will seperate some addons from our buildsystem and won't provide them anymore within our official addon repo. The reason for this to make it easier for us to maintain our core OS sources and give 3rdparty addon developers the possibility to submit their own addons (also such which we rejected to be included in the past) to a global repo.

Where the fanarts, covers and logos comes from?

The guys at wrote a small past and present story about how it all began and what they do now days. is a site which hosts some amazing artwork that is used throughout all XBMC skins in some way or another.

From albums covers, tvshow and movie logos to spinning music and movies discs.

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OpenELEC Wiki - your help is wanted!

Hi all,

The last two days i have ported all docus from this site to a own Wiki.

We have created the Wiki in the hope we get much more help from our users with adding/fixing/enhancing our howtos and docus. I will remove all docus from our site soon.

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What we do with your donations?

It is a long time now after we have given an update about the status of our project, and in particular: “what have we done with your donations?”. So let's start giving you a list where all the money has gone.

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